CSA is an easy way to make sure you are eating Local, High Quality Veggies and support your local farming family at the same time!

How does a CSA work?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture


Chickadee Farm Family in our High Tunnel

CSA members enter into a contract with a farm by purchasing a “share” of seasonal veggies and pay  in advance to help the farmer get the plants in the ground. You become a farm member to help us succeed!


That sounds cool! What else is cool about CSA?

Our CSA Customers have repeatedly said our produce:

High quality produce

Addie values quality over quantity so the CSA allows her to make sure her family’s diet is mainly fresh local produce.

  • We value quality vegetables and only give you and your family the best of what we have growing each week.

It lasts so long!

Emma still had perfectly good carrots a month after the CSA ended.

  • We harvest your CSA produce the DAY OF or DAY BEFORE you receive you vegetables!

The flavor of your produce is amazing!

Christy said our farm grew the most flavorful produce she had ever tasted! (Wow! Thanks Christy!)

  • Healthy soils produce amazing vegetables, and we work tirelessly to make sure our soils are healthy to produce high quality food with amazing flavor.
  • Everything on our farm is grown without the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides or insecticides and our focus is on building healthy soils by using sustainable farming methods.

By joining a CSA community members are able to support local agriculture and healthy eating habits:  The members and the farmers are then entered into a partnership. Our farm grows  high quality, fresh produce, using organic techniques for our members. Members in turn share in the bounty of the harvest.

Enjoy seasonal eating: 

Learn when vegetables are in season.

Gain the piece of mind that you are eating in season.

Then eat a wide variety of the vegetables harvested at the peak of deliciousness!


Shishito Peppers ~ prized by high-end chefs for their tasty flavor. We provide unusual ingredients in every CSA box to push your horizons in the kitchen.

Expand your knowledge of vegetables: 

We will introduce you to new vegetables once in a while.

We have seen members discover new vegetables and fall in love with them, like the popular shishitos.

Coupled along with recipes explore new tastes and culinary experiences!

 Chickadee Farms 2018 CSA Spring/Fall

24 Weeks of High Quality Fresh Produce

Spring Share 12 WeeksApril 3rd- June 19th, 2018

Fall Share 12 Weeks: August 28th- November 17th, 2018

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How Shares Work

Each share is seasonal produce,herbs and/or fruit grown, harvested, and packaged from Chickadee Farms.


Market Style Pick Up:

The CSA is presented market style, meaning your share choices are presented like a farmer’s market table.

-This allows us to offer 2 to 3 different choices for your share each week

For example: Choose Arugula or Spinach

    • You get access to your farmer each week

      • Jenn or Jason will be at each pick up location (except Ninja Cow) to chat and tell you all about your veggies that week.

      • I end up swapping recipies with members, seeing how their weeks are going, saying hi to the kids,and reminding them of upcoming events

*New this year:*

A Swap Table

  • We feel that our members would like a little more flexibility in their CSA so we will have a couple of extras that we bring a long each week that you can swap out for an item in your share.
  • As members swap things out other members can pick those up and swap out things from their share….

Share options:

Full Share:Pick up a share of produce Every Week.

  • Perfect for a family and those who love to cook.

  Half Share: Same amount of produce as the full share, but pick up Every Other Week.

  • Just the right amount of veggies if you’re new to the CSA model, are a single person, or just end up cooking a couple of nights a week.

 Example of a share from November 2017

Choice of 2:

Parsely, Dill or Cilantro

2 Bunches
Lettuce, Head 1 Head
Mild Salad Turnips 1 Bunch/ 5-7

Spinach or Arugula

1/2 Pound
Carrots 1 Bunch

Cabbage or

Winter Squash

1 Head/Fruit
Collards 1 Bunch
Radishes, Watermelon 3 Radishes
Peppers, Sweet 1 Pint

CSA Add Ons:

We are offering an  Egg Share this year with the CSA

Love pasture raised eggs?

Want to get beautiful orange yolked fresh eggs from happy chickens?

Well get them right along with your veggies!

**The Egg share is sold out for the Spring Season but we will announce any extra eggs we may have through out the season for purchase.

Egg Share: Full Share-one dozen eggs each of the 12 weeks: $72

       Half Share- one dozen eggs every other week totalling 6 weeks: $36

Our ladies are moved every 2 weeks in our chicken trailer through our pastures to clean up old crops, forage for seeds, bugs and greens, and to fertilize! All while laying some delicious eggs. We feed them a locally grown non-gmo feed to supplement their foraging.

*New this year* 


We are so happy to announce a partnership with our on farm Beekeeper, Alice Hinman!

Alice runs a non profit called Apiopolis who’s mission is :”to is to promote natural and ApiopolisOfficialLogosustainable beekeeping practices with a focus on conservation, education and research.”

She has two hives on the farm that are so special that she drove them down from a Honeybee Sanctuary in Virginia!

We have had member requests for honey.

  • We will open up sales of Alice’s honey a couple of times through out the CSA so keep your eyes peeled!

Let me tell you first hand, her honey is amazing.

She is only offering it through OUR CSA!

“To learn more about Apiopolis or become a hive sponsor please visit apiopolis.org.” 


CSA is a drastically new way of eating for most of our members

But don’t worry, we offer SUPPORT!


CSA Pick Up

Newsletter:Each Sunday you will receive a CSA newsletter

  • Our CSA “Masters” use the newsletter to plan their meals for the week and then go grocery shopping to fill in the gaps
  • Renew your connection to the farm with a peek into Farm Life each week
  • Utilize Tip and Tricks for using, storing, freezing, etc. your produce for less food waste and to make your share go farther

Facebook Group: Access to our Private CSA Community Facebook Group

Join a like minded community of your fellow CSA members to

  • Trade recipes
  • Ask Questions (Uh, what do I do with Kohlrabi?)
  • Feel Supported by a group of people eating the same thing you are each week
  • Get exclusive training for using your CSA share


  • Come out and experience the farm.
  • Build a deeper relationship with your farmer
  • Meet our Chickens and Ducks (I know that’s what everyone really wants to do)

Third Annual Pig and Pie Party

  • The last two years this party has been a blast!Pig and Pie
  • Pig pickin and pie contest seems to be a winning combination!
  • Coming Fall 2018

CSA invite only events:

Meet your Beekeeper– come out and meet Alice and all the bees!IMG_6338

Exclusive Farm Dinners with Under the Oak Farm (and our produce): detail TBD


Planting and Potluck Parties: TBD



  • We love getting our members out to the farm and dirty!

Payment Plans:

We know that putting a big chunk of money down for a CSA is a lot for some families.

This is why we offer payment plans.

Being a small business your payment in full in important to us but we also have the flexibility to work with your family and come up with a payment plan that works for you.

Potato Planting 2017

Potato Planting 2017

Just note this on the sign up form and we’ll work something out!

Worker Shares: *NEW this year!*

We are offering a limited number of worker shares this year in our CSA

How it works:

  • Come out and work on the farm for 12 hours per 12 week season and get $50 off your 12 week CSA price

Not only connect with the farm, but actually be a part of helping our farm run!

*Free tan and workout not included in the $50 discount (haha!)

There are only 10 spots available this year so first come first serve!

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In a Nutshell here is what comes with your CSA membership package.

  • 24 weeks of our fresh flavorful vegetables Spring 12 weeks (April-June) & Fall 12 weeks (September-November). This includes a weekly share with 2-3 choices plus access to the swap table. New this year, swap out veggies in your share for those on the swap table!
  • A wide variety of veggies each week-– You’ll get a healthy mix of staples and artisanal veggies in each box. We do that on purpose because we know that you would never choose watermelon radishes on your own. But we’ve seen countless people who have expanded their tastes because we “forced them” to try someone new. And since we’re about changing the way people eat, this feature is a non-negotiable for us.
  • You’re supporting a local business — You can know that 100% of your dollars are going right to our family to support us. I use your payment to support our family and farm expenses all year long.
  • Add-Ons: Eggs and amazing Local Honey
  • Access to the private Chickadee Farms Facebook group — A community of  members all eating the same food each week, and supporting each other in the process.
  • Training for how to eat our food — We believe this is a necessary piece of the puzzle in helping people learn how to eat our food. You’ll have access to tips and tricks on how to use up your share.
  • img_2615

    Come out to the farm to meet the ladies!

  • Weekly Newsletter CSA makes it easy to know what you are vegetables you going to get each week and helps with your meal planning and grocery shopping
  • Access to farm events and workshops. Because we know this helps you build a relationship with us. And you HAVE to come out and meet the chickens and ducks!
  • Piece of mind that you are supporting your farmer, supporting a clean environment, putting your values into action and eating quality local seasonal produce!

Share Pricing:


Full Share = $360 for 12 weeks

Half Share = $185 for 6 weeks


Full Share = $360 for 12 weeks

Half Share = $185 for 6 weeks

Whole Season (Spring & Fall):

5% Discount

Full Share $684

Half Share $351

Egg Share Optional Add on : Sold Out for Spring 2018

Full Share=one dozen eggs each of the 12 weeks: $72

       Half Share=one dozen eggs every other week totalling 6 weeks: $36

 Honey: TBD

Pick Ups:

Method Road Community Center, 514 Method Rd, Raleigh, NC 27607, Tuesdays 1pm-3pm

Chickadee Farm, 980 McLemore Road Clayton,27520, Tuesdays 4pm-7pm

Ninja Cow Farm, 7125 Old Stage Rd, Raleigh, NC 27603,  Wednesday 2pm-6pm *NEW

Person Street Bar, 805 N Person St, Raleigh, NC 27604, Thursdays 6pm-8pm

Clayton Farm & Community Market, 348 E Main St, Clayton, NC 27520, Saturdays 9am-1pm

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Your Full Payment is Important to Us

But If You Need To Set Up A Payment Plan Let Us Know

Payment Accepted:

Cash & Check, Credit*, Bank Transfer

*3% Fee applies to cover Credit fees

Mailing Address: 980 McLemore Road Clayton, NC 27520

Email us at chickadeefarmsnc@gmail.com with any questions

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