2019 Chickadee Farms Apprenticeship Program

We will be hiring one apprentice for the upcoming 2019 season

Chickadee Farms is a 5 acre intensively managed small produce farm started in 2016.

  • This Certified Naturally Grown farm uses regenerative/organic practices.
  • The farm runs a 24 week CSA program, sells to local restaurants and attends 2 Farmer’s Markets where high quality produce and relationships are the top priority.

Apprenticeship Goals:

  • An apprentice is an individual interested in receiving hands-on training in all aspects of a trade from preparing the fields to selling at markets.
  • Successful apprentices are active learners, have clear goals, and push their mentors to provide the information they need. Often bring innovation.
  • Very seriously considering farming as a career goal.
    • This position is intended to prepare you for the experience of starting and operating your own commercial farm.

An Apprentice is Expected to:

  • Live on Farm
    • We will eat meals together: lunch and dinner in the farmhouse
    • Respect the farm/farmhouse: please clean up after yourself
  • Work a Saturday Farmer’s Market from April- November
  • Participate in all Aspects of Running the Farm, i.e. closing up chickens in the evening
  • Work Independently as Needed
  • Take Ownership in Spirit and Quality of Farm
  • Own a car and cell phone

Type of Work Expected:

  • Care of Chicken Flocks: opening, feeding, watering and gathering eggs in the morning, closing up at night. Moving eggmobile when needed.
  • Greenhouse seeding, watering and management
  • Field preparation
  • Transplanting and Seeding Crops
  • Weeding
  • Trellising
  • Pest and disease scouting
  • Setting up, managing and pulling out irrigation and landscape fabric, row cover etc.
  • High Tunnel planting, management and moving
  • Harvesting and Post Harvest Handling
  • Alot of Farm Dishes!
  • Running a Farmer’s Market stand each Saturday
  • Assistance in Construction Projects
  • Assistance in Maintenance Projects
  • Deliveries when needed
  • Assistance in Event Planning
    • We host a pig picking / pie contest event each October; potential for other on-farm events throughout the year

Work Schedule:

March-November 2019

 Monday-Friday 7am-5pm with one hour for lunch break

  Saturday: 7am-2pm (April-November)

Total= 52 hours per week

*please be open to working extra hours if absolutely needed

Days off: After market Saturday (April-November) and Sunday

Additional Days off: 1 week (or seven days) to be worked out with Jenn


  • A small finished apartment located in the farm’s barn is the apprentice
    • Includes bathroom, shower, kitchen sink, small kitchen area, mini fridge, microwave and ample lighting with a/c unit and space heater.
  • Electricity in the Barn is paid for by the Farm, please use it conservatively
  • Visitors to the farm cannot interfere with the work schedule
  • Extra Storage is available in the barn loft
  • Please respect the space and let Jenn know if there are any problems

Education and Training:

  • Hands on Training will happen each day as we work
  • Formal Classes will be held for one hour on Friday
    • Jenn will provide topics and resources for the first two months’ classes
    • After this period, the apprentice is expected to select their interested topics for Jenn to discuss during class time
    • Self-starting is essential to acquiring the education you want in this position
    • The farm is a busy place sometimes — formal class-time won’t always be possible, but we try our best
  • Farming Workshops and Field Trips will be planned throughout the year with transportation provided by the farm
    • CFSA conference in the Fall, CFSA farm tour in Spring, visits to friends’ farms, etc.
  • Access to on-farm library
    • Reference texts from authors like Pam Dawling, Eliot Coleman, and Jean Martin are excellent reading for the farmer-in-training!
      • Required Reading Before Apprenticeship: The New Organic Farmer by Eliot Coleman and The Market Gardener by Jean- Martin Fortier
      • Additional Farming Texts will be required reading throughout the year


  • Housing in the barn apartment.
    • Includes electricity, water, and internet
      • Value: $300 plus $50 in utilities each month
  • Food:
    • Meals: Lunch and Dinner will be provided 4 days out of the week
      • Value: $80/week
    • Farm Produce and Eggs:
      • The apprentice is welcome to a reasonable amount of produce and eggs each week (granted they are not desperately needed for CSA)
        • Value:$30/week
  • Stipend:
    • $300/ month plus additional compensation for each Farmer’s Market (around $120 per month)
  • Education:
    • One hour per week will be used to teach some aspect of farming following a apprentice curriculum
    • Workshops and farm field trips will also be arrange when they come up
      • Value: Priceless (Hahha, Kidding! $50/week)

Total Value of Monthly Compensation: $1,410 per month

Please download and complete the Job Application and email it to us along with your resume with subject line Apprenticeship Applicant by January 31st, 2019

Job Application 2019

Interviews on a rolling basis