The Farmers


I have loved growing things for as long as I can remember.jennjude

I grew up in the country about 30 minutes outside of Raleigh beyond Garner. I remember playing in the woods, running through the creek and digging holes and building forts.

Whether it was growing tomatoes in the North Carolina summers with my dad as a child, weeding the garden in the spring or planting flowers with my mom I loved it all! There was something comforting and magical about digging in the dirt.

Since then I received a B.S. in Photography from Appalachian State, lived, worked and explored Minnesota and parts of Canada, returned to my hometown, realized my love of the natural world and growing food, got an Associate’s Degree in Sustainable Agriculture from Central Carolina Community College in Pittsboro, worked for the Interfaith Food Shuttle Teaching Farm and most recently helped start and manage an urban community farm called the Well Fed Community Garden for the Irregardless Cafe in Raleigh!

Whew. Oh and I got married and had a little one too.

Farming is my dream come true, I love growing in my community where I grew up!


I grew up loving food.My favorite room in the house was always the kitchen.It was the liveliest room and you were sure to get fed.I’ve turned that love into a livelihood by working in restaurants and bars for the last 18 years.Now I get to grow that food and work alongside my two favorite people in the world. I’m a seriously lucky dude!


JuFirst Cantaloupe 2015de likes to help with the chickens and she wants to start her own flock in the future and sell eggs. She is excited to eat all of the cantaloupe and watermelon she can!




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