The Farm

Chickadee Farms is a family owned, female run sustainably managed produce farm 21231567_1886992578286115_3916406943392779318_nlocated in Clayton, North Carolina.

We grow vegetables without using any chemicals and work to replenish the land by using organic methods that supports life in the soil.

Our goal is to provide the freshest and healthiest vegetables to our customers and their families.

Where to find our Produce

Our CSA runs 12 weeks in the Spring and 12 weeks in the Fall.

  • Check the link at the top “CSA” for more general information about our CSA or “CSA Signup” to check to see if signup is open or to get on our waiting list if it is not.

We also are proud to sell to many wonderful local restaurants in the area!
And finally you can find us most Saturdays from 9-1 at the Clayton Farmer’s and Community Market located in downtown Clayton in Horne Square.

The name Chickadee Farms

came from a day sitting and observing my farm. The birds are constant companions during days in the field. They find delicious insects to eat in freshly turned soil, we see them building their nests in the spring and watch them eat birdseed in the winter. A favorite past time of our daughter Jude is watching the birds and trying to identify them in our favorite bird book.

14225623_1679822535669788_1781047024084867258_nOne quiet afternoon in late winter I sat and watched the birds who come around when the farm is still after the day’s work is done. A small flock of chickadees were hopping and flitting around a few feet in front of me. The simple beauty of these birds struck me. I was reminded of the wonder in every day things when you really look at them.

The little energetic chickadees made me think of what farming had taught me about the world. Farming allows me to observe so many interesting things in nature. These birds were so small yet very resilient, energetic and travel with a community of other bchickadee-farm-webirds.

These traits we hope to exhibit in our farm. Small, yet resilient, energetic within our community. We are a small farm with big heart!